Become a CASA Board Member

What is a Board Member?

A Board Member of CASA is a member of the Board of Management as defined in the Constitution. Board Members are responsible for the strategic management and planning of CASA and for the recruitment and appointment of staff.

Board Members must have suitable skills to undertake the role of Board Member and may be recruited by election at AGMs or through direct co-option by the Board.

How do you become a Board Member?

You may decide to become a Board Member either through choosing to be elected at an AGM, in which case you must present yourself to the members and win a majority of votes for election, or you may be approached directly by the existing Board of Management to fill a casual vacancy, which will subsequently be ratified at the next AGM.

If you wish to find out more, fill in the "Becoming a Board Member" enquiry form (link below).

Become a Board Member