Become a CASA Member

CASA membership is available to any person who supports and has an interest in the work of Citizen Advocacy in South Australia. A list of membership benefits is provided below.

If you would like to become a member of CASA, please complete the form at the bottom of this page and submit along with the appropriate membership fee.

Membership Types:

Member Any person who wishes to be a supporting member of CASA and be entitled to “Ordinary Member” status. Membership includes all benefits listed below and voting rights at the CASA Annual General Meeting (AGM).
Associate Member A person who does not want to be an Ordinary Member but wishes to be recognised as an Associate Member. Benefits as for an Ordinary Member but exclude voting rights at AGM.
Board Member An Ordinary Member who is elected or co-opted to the Board of Management. Includes voting rights at AGM.
Corporate Sponsor A business or organisation that sponsors the work of Citizen Advocacy in South Australia. (Corporate Sponsorship must be approved by the Board of Management). Excludes voting rights at AGM.
Corporate Member A member nominated by a Corporate Sponsor. Excludes voting rights at AGM.
Life Member An individual nominated by the CASA Membership Committee and approved by the Board of Management - based on distinguished service to CASA. Includes voting rights at AGM.

Membership Fees:

Membership Fees will be set at the AGM and shall be reviewed and ratified annually.

2013 – 14 Fees:

Full Member $15.00 per annum
Associate Member $10.00 per annum
Board Member $15.00 per annum
Corporate Sponsor Sponsorship as approved by the CASA Board of Management
Corporate Member $10.00 per annum

Membership Benefits:

  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Invitations to CASA member events and functions
  • Opportunities for training in Citizen Advocacy and related fields
  • Networking opportunities
  • Public recognition of membership status
  • Certificate of Membership

Membership Committee:

The CASA Membership Committee is comprised of three members of the Board of Management, including the Chairperson. Nominations for membership will be made to the Membership Committee on the CASA Membership Application Form.

Membership Application:

Please submit your contact details via the "Become a CASA Member" enquiry form (link below) and we will send out a Membership application form and additional information to you.

Become a CASA Member