How will my money be spent?

It is important for anyone considering a donation to Citizen Advocacy SA to know that all money will be spent in the forging of new Citizen Advocacy relationships and the support of existing ones.

That means every dollar will in some way be helping our staff:

  • Identify some of the most vulnerable people in the community with intellectual disability who may have “slipped through the cracks” of the human services system, have little or no support around them and be living a life of isolation, rejection and neglect.

  • Find, recruit and match them with a suitable, competent and highly committed community member who is willing to become their Citizen Advocate.
  • Provide support, ideas and development opportunities to Citizen Advocates (currently we have around 60 relationships we are supporting) so they can become more confident and effective in their roles, irrespective of how long they have been matched.

In Citizen Advocacy, promoting, protecting and defending the welfare and interests of a person with intellectual disability is always the central focus and highest priority of our work.

If something doesn’t help us in achieving this objective, we don’t do it.

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