Our Work

The priority of Citizen Advocacy South Australia is the promotion, protection and defence of the personal well-being and interests of people with intellectual disability.

Other benefits of this work can include:

  • Building better communities (more inclusive, diverse, stronger)
  • A broader understanding of Social Justice
  • A more compassionate and caring society

The ongoing core activities of program staff include:

  • Identifying and Recruiting vulnerable people with intellectual disability who would benefit from having a Citizen Advocate in their lives
  • Recruiting suitable community members to become Citizen Advocates
  • Conducting Orientation to prepare community members for their roles as Citizen Advocates
  • Matching people with disability and suitable community members in freely given, one to one, long term relationships.
  • Keeping in touch with the people involved in each Citizen Advocacy relationship through regular communication and gatherings.
  • Providing ongoing support to Citizen Advocates by offering training opportunities, the chance to discuss ideas and personal assistance through the many and varied experiences that their roles may bring.
  • Recruitment of “Advocate Associates” from a wide range of relevant professions (e.g. legal, medical, education) to provide expert information and support to Citizen Advocates (as required).
  • Recruitment of community members with suitable skills and experience to act as “Crisis Advocates” in situations requiring specific and urgent action.