What training will I receive?

All new Citizen Advocates are thoroughly prepared for their roles before they are introduced to the person with disability they will be involved with. This preparation includes learning about:

  • Common Experiences of People with Intellectual Disability
  • Facts about Intellectual Disability
  • Heightened Vulnerability
  • Why Advocacy Is Important
  • Roles of a Citizen Advocate
  • The Work of the Citizen Advocacy Office
  • Common Misunderstandings about Citizen Advocacy Programs
  • Principles and Practical Implications of Citizen Advocacy
  • Importance of Roles in our Lives
  • Image and Competency
  • Citizen Advocates’ Right to Act
  • The Legal Status of Citizen Advocates
  • Common struggles of Citizen Advocates
  • What we ask of Citizen Advocates
  • WHS issues

Orientation is generally conducted over three, 90 minute sessions prior to being matched but the development, education and support of advocates is ongoing. 

Become a Citizen Advocate