Deanna and Helen

When we first met Deanna, Families SA had already removed her children and placed them in foster care. One of her greatest fears at that time was becoming pregnant again because Deanna did not want to have another baby, only to lose that child too. Deanna did not know that she could have a simple procedure which would prevent any further pregnancies.

Deanna – my past history

Helen was introduced to Deanna as a role model and confidante. Things did not go as smoothly as was hoped for in the first few months when Deanna became unwell and lost her home. Helen stuck by Deanna during this time by going to meetings with her, visiting her and continuing to invite her to be a guest in Helen’s home. Helen was the only person not paid to be in Deanna’s life at the time – every other individual she interacted with was either a carer, a worker or a practitioner of some sort.

Now a few years later, Deanna works part time, is well supported in her home and recently became engaged to be married. She is learning and practicing new skills and activities every day.

Life may not be perfect for her and it may not be what we think it could or should be but it is what she needs and wants it to be at this time. Deanna has learnt from Helen who to trust and who to avoid. She has also learnt ways to look after herself and be safe as she moves around her community.

What makes a good Advocate